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The cost of establishing an Amul franchise differs depending on the outlet. For instance, a deposit of at least ₹25,000 will be needed for the startup of the milk outlet. Apart from that, the shop rent can go as high as ₹80,000, while the equipment cost will be around  ₹60,000.

Similarly, for setting up an ice-cream parlour, ₹50,000 will be the security deposit,  ₹3 lakhs to purchase the land required and about ₹1.5 lakhs for the equipment.

Individuals who want to own and operate an Amul parlour on the railway station will need about  ₹1,00,000 for a security deposit, between ₹2.5 lakhs and ₹4 lakhs for land and ₹50,000 for equipment.

The cost of Centre of Excellence parlours, also called COE, can vary between ₹2.5 to ₹4 lakhs. Again, the security deposit for space and equipment, about ₹50,000, will be required for each. 

As for profitability and revenue, one can earn between ₹5 lakhs to ₹10 lakhs from an Amul store franchise or outlet.

Amul Franchise

Amul Franchise  advantage and benefits

Amul is a well-known brand, Because of the reputation of the brand, owning an Amul shop franchise is advantageous in and of itself. Consumers are drawn to products linked with well-known brands because they place greater trust in the reputation and calibre of the brand. In addition, Amul has a consumer base that spans the entirety of India. Small Amul shops and parlours are sustained by this client chain. More people will visit the Amul store at the train station or school canteen than a store selling regional milk products or ice cream. These benefits contribute to the franchised Amul store’s increased earnings.

Amul Franchise Product Mergin

Some of the benefits of owning Amul store 

  1. The main benefit of having a franchised Amul business is that we are exempt from paying royalties to the firm. An Amul store owner will have a bigger profit margin than their competitors since they will provide varying margins for different products. The margin on the Amul ice cream is approximately 20%, whilst the margin on the milk pouch is 2.5%. Other baked goods, such as pizza and chocolates, have a margin of roughly 50% percent.
  2. The owner may ask for a loan if they are having financial difficulties. The Amul office assists with obtaining the loan necessary for the new business.
  3. There are other opportunities, such as starting an Amul ice cream shop that can become a cafe and serve as a chill hangout. launching an Amul bakery offering a selection of cheeses and milk products for sale. Amul also makes inexpensive drinks that are ideal for an Amul outlet to sell in or close to a school.

The following steps can be followed to get an Amul franchise:

  1. Visit the official site to learn about the requirements and start the application procedure.
  2.  At the Amul web page’s button, click on the Amul parlor tab and press continue. After that, a page will open with all the information regarding the essentials. 
  3. The page mentioned above will also have an online form linked named “ Online form for Amul parlor”. Click on the link, and the application form will open.
  4. Fill in the details correctly, along with contact information.
  5.  An email will be sent to the applicant’s email ID for confirmation and opening procedure, and another Amul office will contact you for an inquiry to start the franchise business. 
  6. Amul customer care may be contacted regarding the application procedure and the criteria needed to get more information. 


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