Apply For EWS Certificate in West Bengal – Eligibility, download Application Form

EWS Certificate West Bengal. Government of West Bengal started distribution of Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) Certificate to the general category students and job seekers. EWS Certificate holding candidates will get 10% reservation on any Government Service and Admission in the Educational Institutions in West Bengal. Candidates who are Economically Poor can apply for EWS Certificate West Bengal get a valid certificate. Only Unreserved (UR) category candidates can apply for this EWS Certificate West Bengal.

All the details information about West Bengal EWS Certificate Application Process, who can apply for EWS certificate, type of documents will be required at the time of application and other information also. 

The Application Form for EWS certificate West Bengal is given below, read the complete article and understand application process then download the application form and apply for your EWS Certificate in WB.

EWS Certificate West Bengal

Certificate forEconomically Weaker Sections (EWS)
CategoryGeneral Category Candidates
Total Reservation10%
Application ModeOffline
Total Time Takes2 to 3 weeks
Annual Family IncomeLess than Rs. 8 Lakh

Like Caste certificate, this EWS Certificate is for those categories who are not covered under Scheduled Caste (SC), Schedules Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC). EWS full form Economically Weaker Section.

Many persons are not aware of this category for appearing themselves as an EWS candidate. So they are not getting the quota for seat reservation like SC, ST or OBC. But if you complete this process to get the EWS Certificate then you will be one step closer to a government job application.

NEW Reservation Classification In West Bengal


Benefits of EWS Reservation

EWS category applicants will get the following benefits after getting their EWS Certificate.

  • Recruitment in civil posts and services
  • Admission in Educational Institutes.
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EWS certificate eligibility

EWS certificate criteria and EWS certificate guidelines are –

  • You must have to belong in General Category and not under SC, ST & OBS or who don’t have these certificates. EWS certificate is only for the general category.
  • Gross family income should be less than 8 Lakh. (Gross Family Income = Salary+Aghriculture+Business+Profession+etc). If any member below 18 earning from any sources, his income will be add in family gross income.
  • Whose family own the following assets –
  1. Agricultural Land of 5 acres
  2. Less than 1000 sq. ft of residential flat
  3. Less than 100 sq. yards of residential plot for municipality region
  4. Less than 200 sq. yards of residential plot for other regions

From the above image,, you will get an idea of the percentage of persons who can apply for an EWS certificate. You will understand the competition from this data.

EWS certificate apply

1.Download and print Annexure-A, Annexure-B & Annexure-C. (For West Bengal Region)

2. Fill up the application forms carefully.

3. Submit Annexure-A, B & C to the respecting authority.

  • Block Development Officer (BDO) For rural area
  • District Magistrate
  • Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) For Municipal area
  • DWO, Kolkata for KMC area

4. After receiving application you will be asked to appear for submission of proofs of your family income and Sub-Caste. The date will be decided from the respecting authority within two weeks from the date of submission of application.

After completion of inquiry if everything founds correct, then the concerned authority will issue Income and Asset Certificate in the prescribed format in Annexure-C. Next to the appointing authority further verifies the Income and Asset certificate. If everything is found satisfactory about the eligibility of the applicant, they will issue the EWS Certificate.

EWS certificate documents required

For EWS certificate online application these below-mentioned copies with self-attested have to be submitted with the application form ( Annexure – A ).

  1. EPIC or Citizenship Certificate of self or parents.
  2. PAN Card of Self or Parents.
  3. Birth Certificate issued by component authority / Admit Card of Madhyamik or equivalent examination.
  4. Pay Slip of Self or Parents (for salaried persons).
  5. Income Certificate for prescribed Authorities.
  6. RoR / Parcha / Registered Dreed.
  7. Certificate in support of sub-caste from Gram Panchayat Pradhan or from Chairman of Municipalities, Councillor of Municipal Corporations.
  8. Self-declaration in regard to family income, assets and Sub-Caste in the prescribed format in Annexure-B.

After attaching all the documents, submit your EWS Certificate Application Form to any of the following authorities :

  1. Block Development Officer for Rural Areas.
  2. Sub-Divisional Officer for Municipalities.
  3. DWO, Kolkata for KMC areas.

For EWS certificate online application these below-mentioned copies with self-attested have to be submitted with the application form ( Annexure – A ).

  • EPIC or Voter Card of self or parents
  • PAN card of self or parents
  • Birth Certificate / Admit Card or Certificate of Madhyamik or equivalent examination
  • Payslip of self or parents
  • Income & Asset Certificate from the prescribed authorities ( Annexure – C)
  • Residential Certificate
  • RoR / Parcha / Registered Deed
  • Certificate in support of Sub-Caste from Gram Panchayat in a rural area or Chairman or Councillor in the Municipal area.
  • Self Declaration in regard to family income, assets, and Sub-Caste in Prescribed format. ( Annexure – B)

আবেদন পদ্ধতি বাংলায়

  1. প্রথমে ৫ পাতার আবেদন পত্রটি DOWNLOAD করে , PRINT OUT করে নিন।
  1. তারপর সঠিক ভাবে আবেদন পত্রটি পূরণ করুন।
  1. আপনি যদি পঞ্চায়েত এলাকার বাসিন্দা হয়ে থাকেন তাহলে আপনার আবেদন পত্রটি নিকটবর্তী BDO বা জেলা ম্যাজিস্ট্রেট অফিসে জমা করতে হবে।

  2. আর আপনি যদি পুরসভা এলাকার বাসিন্দা হয়ে থাকেন তাহলে আপনার আবেদন পত্রটি নিকটবর্তী SDO বা DWO অফিসে জমা করতে হবে।

DOWNLOAD EWS এপ্লিকেশন ফর্ম মূল্য – ২১ টাকা মাত্র

Enquiry and Verification Process

After submitting the EWS Application Form, the authority shall ask the applicant to appear, on a suitable date within two weeks from the date of receipt of the application, hearing and submission of proofs for verification of family income and subcaste in the manner it is done for issuance of Caste Certificate, before the following authorities :

  1. Inspector BCW Panchayat and Municipal areas.
  2. DWO, Kolkata for KMC areas.

Verifications of immovable assets like agriculture land, residential flat / plot shall be done by the BL & LRO for Panchayat and Municipal areas. In KMC areas such verification shall be done by the BL & LRO / Chief Valuer / Surveyor.

Download EWS APPLICATION FORM AND TAKE PRINT IT OUT (Form – 5 Pages) – 21 Rupee Only

সকল সরকারি চাকরির খবর পেতে আমাদের OFFICIAL ফেসবুক পেজটি লাইক করুন

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