Best 3 take professional-looking photos on your phone

Take professional-looking photos on your phone.

Want to take better smartphone photography? Here are 10 smartphone photography tips to get you snapping like a pro.

These days, everyone has a camera on them via their phone. Smartphone cameras may not be up there with DSLRs when it comes to quality photography, but they are getting better and better – and for many people, they’re the only cameras they use.

So here we’ll show you how to take professional photos with your phone with our 3 top tips!

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1. Shoot in Natural Light

Smartphones don’t have a real flash. The bright LED light that the camera uses as a flash is slow and often too bright. Unsightly red-eye and washed-out images are common when using the flash function. Eliminate the need for a flash altogether by taking advantage of natural light. By changing your position, getting near a window, or simply walking outside, you’ll get brighter photographs with true-to-life colors. If you have to use indoor lights to get bright enough photos, opt for white lights, and stay away from bulbs that cast a yellow tone over your photo’s subject. By using these tips, you can use your smartphone to take photographs that rival those from a traditional camera. They’ll be clear, colorful, aligned properly, and filled with natural light. Also, you’ll find that the more you practice taking better photographs, the less editing you’ll need to do.

2.Get Closer Instead of Zooming In

Most phones are equipped with a zoom function, but you should never use it. It enlarges the image but compromises quality, resulting in grainy, blurry images that you’re probably too embarrassed to share. Instead of using the zoom, get as close as you can to your subject. If you have too much background in the photo, you can always crop it later without sacrificing the quality of the photo. Many apps allow you to crop your images, including the native camera app. Other popular choices include Photoshop Express, Instagram, and Snapseed.

3.Use the Highest Resolution

New Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 are excellent phones that can shoot at a very high resolution. And typically the higher the resolution of your photo, the better it’ll look. Choose the highest photo resolution available in your camera settings to ensure that your pictures are high quality. Whenever possible, use the rear-facing camera for your selfies rather than the front camera. When you choose the highest resolution for photos, you’ll need to store them externally rather than in your device storage. Use photo-sharing apps and cloud storage services such as Picasa, Flickr, and Dropbox to keep them off your phone. Alternatively, you can also purchase a high-capacity micro-SD or SD card to store these high-resolution photos directly on your phone.

Use Editing Tools

You have easy access to editing tools, whether in the camera phones built in editor, or by using more advanced phone apps like Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. Using these apps you can crop and touch up your photos in seconds.

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