How to apply PRACHESTA Scheme through App- Guidelines

How to apply PRACHESTA through app


The outbreak of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) in the country has caused the loss of livelihood for a large number of labourer/daily wage earners and workers working in the unorganized sector of our State. Due to loss of employment and livelihood, these people are passing through very difficult times. In order to provide some relief to such workers, who are self-employed and who are not engaged in the agricultural work and also who are not working under any employer (Government or Private), a new scheme called “Prachesta” ( has been launched.

Procedure for sanctioning_ and disbursement of Financial Assistance of one-time Ex-Gratia under Prachesta Scheme

1. Availability of Application Form: —The intended beneficiary under the Scheme shall apply in the Android App named Prachesta which would be available at Google Play store and at https://prachestawb. in.

2. Submission of Filled up Application Form: The applicant shall submit the application along with necessary documents via the App developed for the purpose and the application will be made available through the online system to the dashboard of concerned Block Development Officer in case of rural areas and to the dashboard of Sub Divisional Officer in case of Urban areas and to Commissioner KMC in Kolkata Municipal Corporation area.

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3.Scrutiny and Approval of Applications:
All applications will be scrutinized by the office of Block Development Officer in rural areas and Office of Sub Divisional officer for urban areas of the District. In the Kolkata Municipal Corporation area, Commissioner KMC will get it scrutinized. After scrutiny, the eligible applications will be forwarded to DM/Commissioner KMC who in turn shall finally approve it. The entire process as outlined above shall be done via The credentials being used in shall be used here too. At the level of BDO and SDO, only verifier level login shall be used.
Once approved, the list of beneficiaries shall be made available through the same system i.e. to the Nodal (Labour) Department for sanction.

4.Sanction of financial assistance by the Nodal DepartmentthroughBank Account:
After receipt of applications which are verified and recommended by the District Magistrate/Commissioner KMC, the Nodal Department will sanction the one-time. The “Sanctioned beneficiary files” with Scheme name, Name of the beneficiary, MobiOe Number, Bank Account No., IFSC & Claim amount has to be generated in State Portal by the Nodal Department and sent to the concerned bank for payment.


5.Eligibility Criteria:
Any labourer/ daily wage earner/worker in the unorganized sector who is a permanent resident of West Bengal and are in extreme distress due to loss of employment/livelihood opportunities due to outbreak of CoronaVirus: Covid 19 and does not have an alternative source of income, will be eligible for the assistance on fulfilment of the following conditions:

  • (1) The applicant is the sole bread earner of the family
  • (2) The applicant should be self-employed and not working under any employer (Government or Private)
  • (3) The applicant should not be a beneficiary of any social pension scheme of the State.
  • (4) The applicant should not be a beneficiary of Samajik Suraksha Yojana (SSY).
  • (5) The applicant shall not be enrolled as MGNREGA worker.
  • (6) The applicant should not be an agricultural labourer.
  • (7) The applicant should not be engaged in agricultural and agri-allied work.
  • (8) Only one person from a family will be eligible. Family for the purpose of the scheme shall include Husband, wife and unmarried children.
  • (9) Bank Account number has to be unique.

The District Magistrates/ Commissioner KMC will form a committee for helping in verification and scrutiny process of the scheme comprising of one ADM, DLC/ALC, DPRDO and other officials as he/she deems fit. Officers of the Labour, Panchayat and other departments may be engaged at the Block/Sub-Division level for scrutiny and verification.



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